Iulian Gulea Blog — About Me


Glad you stopped by. Have you ever tried to describe yourself for an audience you don’t know (like here for an “About” page)? I find it challenging, but here’s my attempt to it.

My name is Iulian Gulea and I am a Software and Data Visualization Engineer and a father of twin girls. This blog is a personal collection of thoughts and ideas and a place where I am sharing my experience and observations on people, tools and processes.

I have 10 years of experience working as a full stack engineer doing both backend and frontend. On backend I work mostly in Python, but recently I dived into Go and Rust. On frontend, I worked with all major frameworks (AngularJS, Angular 2+, React, Vue) in both ES6 and TypeScript. For Data Visualization, I’m a big fan of D3.js. During those 10 years, I’ve worked in corporations as well as startups. I’ve exited from a co-founded consultancy firm (where I was a CTO) and have experience of two failed startups (where I also was a CTO).

Besides software engineering, I’m an alumnus of AIESEC, I worked as a corporate trainer, university lecturer and have involved in numerous educational activities as a volunteer, where I was responsible for the learning paths as well as preparing trainers/speakers and delivering content.

Along my interest in programming, I have a passion for psychology, education and data visualization. I spoke at TEDxChisinau in 2014, then volunteered there for 2 years as a Speakers Coach.

I am open to new opportunities, so feel free to reach out in case you would like to talk!